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Chris Thibault was raised in South Eastern New Hampshire (b.1985) between the polarities of the White Mountains and the pseudo-cities of the Merrimack Valley. A self-taught interdisciplinary artist who began his career in music touring the USA from 2003 to 2006 and later released, "The Blindfolds We Hide Behind" in May 2005 as the lead singer of Ambry on Death Scene Records.

            After transplanting to Boston MA in 2007 Chris began discovering his style using linguistic drawing and blind contour pen and ink. He considers his aesthetic to be within the flaw. Taking interest in the Aleatoric techniques of William Burroughs and Henry Miller he saw paintings as symphonic poems overlayed like moving parts in an animation.

                "A major motif in my work is the repetition of symbolic colors. I often use nostalgic color triad smearing as a technique to spread the acrylics into a biomorphic form that opens up the canvas to free association. Smearing is a way to introduce the element of controlled flaw.

            Linguistic drawing captures the variety of associations that come up. Varying from song lyrics, research topics, and impulse documentary flashbacks of human interaction. A private mythology forms from open dialogue with the unconscious. The words are either mutilated or illuminated like torn up manuscripts.

            Working as a finisher I found sanding each layer of paint to be meditative. It reminded me of Navaho Sand Paintings smudged out after ritual. Solidifying that meaning is within the bounds of creating itself. And that Nature wears character into the effort expressed.

            In the movement of the process, it becomes computer poetry, with inputs and outputs similar to algorithms. The picture plane turns into a location or psychological landscapes that are layered like pages in a diary.

             Not limited to abstraction or figuration,  I begin to improvise composition until I find a fantastic narrative or see the canvas ripe with organic unity. I name it as a song."

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